Why Should I Play Putt Putt Games Instead Of A Regular Golf Game?

Quite surprisingly, a lot of people find putt putt games more enjoyable than regular golf. Why so? First off, though today’s miniature golf courses no longer include windmills and such, they do offer more variety, challenge, and color than your run-of-the-mill golf course. Having your ball pass through an uphill bridge to get to the cup is no easy feat, mind you. Also, most mini-golf courses have man-made waterfalls, streams, ponds- and lots and lots of greenery. So, not only do the players get challenged, but their eyes are also treated to a (usually) small yet entertaining view, as well.

Putt putt games are also ideal for people who don’t like driving as much as putting a ball to the cup. It’s actually harder to make an accurate swing than to make a precise putt to a nearby hole. It’s also easier to complete eighteen holes when you just have to walk a short distance to the next hole, rather than hiking-or even riding a golf cart- to your next target. There are also lots of indoor mini golf courses out there, so you wouldn’t have to bathe in sweat getting from one place to another. You remain active, yet at the same time you don’t stress yourself out too much because of the sun and the distance between holes.

People who enjoy golf, yet have some infirmities would also find putt putt games appealing and entertaining, since, as I mentioned earlier, the terrain is smaller and more tight-knit, making it more forgiving for people with injuries or with special needs. If you happen to have a bad leg, a short walk to your next hole would be more welcome than a long march to the 18th hole, right? I’m sure your leg -and your family- would thank you for opting to just play putt putt games with them, instead of a whole Saturday with the guys at the local golf course.

Putt putt games are also more reasonable when it comes to pricing. A single round of mini-golf would only cost you between $7- $10, whereas 18 holes on a public golf course could cost you anywhere between $40- $180. That’s a huge difference, if you ask me. With the same amount of money that you would spend on a regular golf game, you could already take your whole family to play putt putt games at the nearby miniature golf course. Not only would it provide you and your brood some entertainment for hours, but it would also be a perfect opportunity for your family to bond with each other over a good game, minus the huge cost.

Unlike regular golf, which is mostly played during the day, putt putt games are actually more enjoyable played at night. Most miniature golf courses are also open until nine or ten in the evening, so even people coming in after office hours could still manage to make a tee or two to relax. Lighting is also not a problem since a lot of miniature golf places are indoor courses. So, if you like playing golf, yet don’t want to shell out too much, but you still want to have a fun time teeing off with your friends or family, I suggest that you try playing putt putt games for a change. You just might prefer it over the real thing.

Choosing Golf Practice Mats For Indoor Use

Golf practice mats come in various kinds and designs. Driving mats for indoor use are a useful golfing equipment for people who prefer to practice their game in their garage, backyard or in the privacy of their own homes. Several brands and types of golf mats are highlighted in this article.

One example of golf mats comes from the True Strike brand. These mats are said to represent a true fairway and are supposed to be better than synthetic grass deemed to be hard on a player’s game. According to True Strike, their mats have a ruckable top surface and a gel-filled divot. These characteristics supposedly simulate a natural fairway and allow the golf club head to play through the surface.

True Strike mats come in various models. There is a portable mat that costs around $295 and is the lowest-priced model from the brand. The most expensive mat from True Strike is the MKVI Double with range section and strike board, which costs around $1,155. There are also models with edge trim, single mat models, Winter Tee and static.

Another often heard-of name in the golf mat business is the Real Feel Golf mat. According to the product’s manufacturer, Real Feel has no bounce and provides true divot action. They are marketed as mats that allow the player to choose and vary his tee height to accommodate different golf clubs. The driving mats are designed with a fiber system that effectively estimates the feel of a real fairway and eliminates the bounce that is quite common with other mat brands. Real Feel prices range between $239 and $1,000.

Par-Buster – another brand of indoor golf driving mats – hand fabricates its products and uses a bonding technique that supposedly makes the mats stronger, more durable and easy to play in. Par-Buster offers several models, including commercial golf driving mats, tee-line, rough chip mats, hitting mats and SodBuster Mats.

According to Par-Buster, its commercial golf driving mats simulate a driving range, with its thick pad capable of absorbing club shock. The brand also has the tee-line mat, marketed as the thickest mat under the company’s product line. The model can hold a real wooden tee, eliminating the need for rubber tees. The rough chip mat, on the other hand, is designed for golfers who have difficulties practicing wedges off a standard driving mat. It features artificial grass to simulate a golf course rough.

Golf practice mats come in various names, sizes and makes. The important factors to consider in choosing one for your indoor needs is to determine the space you have available, the kind of surface that suits your type of game and the money you have to spare. Whatever your preferences are, there will be no shortage of options for you.

P3ProSwing Pro Golf Swing Simulator Review

Unless you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an indoor golf simulator system, you will find that there are very few affordable ones to choose from and even less golf swing analysis systems that are affordable and accurate enough to be worthwhile buying. The P3ProSwing Pro Golf Simulator is one of the exceptions!

The P3ProSwing Pro Golf Simulator Packages are not only affordable, starting at just under $600′s but they are also one of the leading home golf simulator systems on the market, and due to their highly accurate date that they produce, they are ideal for any standard of golfer, whether you have just started the game or are a seasoned pro!

By providing accurate data for every club in your bag for before, at and after you have made contact with the ball, the P3ProSwing Pro Simulators not only show you where you are going right in your golf swing, but more importantly they highlight the flaws in your swing, so you can work on the changes necessary to improve your game.

The system works by using a high tech sensing platform that you use to hit all of your shots. This sensing pad captures and measures all of the fundamental key elements to you golf swing at the moment you make contact with the ball, by using 65 highly sophisticated optical sensors that are built into the platform.

These measurements are then immediately relayed to the software program that you have loaded onto your computer screen, to give you an instant visual representation of your swing and all of the key fundamental dynamic analysis data, including club face angel, swing path, angle of attack, swing tempo, ball speeds, toe and hell height, sweet spot deviation, club head speed and distance.

This extremely accurate, objective and scientific analysis of each and every swing you take will not only be crucial for helping you to fully understand the mechanics of your golf swing, but will also provide you with the tools to significantly improve your game.

The P3ProSwing Pro Golf Simulator Package provides you with an excellent virtual driving range, so you can spend hours working on your golf swing technique, practicing your shot shaping skills and learning your distances, and a dynamic putting green and putting game to help you sharpen up your putting stroke.

To top it off, the P3ProSwing Pro also evolves into an advanced Golf Simulator Game, where you can have loads of fun with your golfing buddies and practice your course management skills on two 18hole custom designed virtual golf courses, Highland National & Desert Dunes.