When Should Your Child Start Playing Golf?

Many parents wonder what age to start getting their children involved in sports. They don’t want to pressurize their children but they also want them to be active and healthy. So when is the right age for your child to start playing golf?

I would say it’s never to early. There are so many great products out there for toddlers. Purchasing one of these when your child is 2-3 years old is a fantastic idea. It’s fun. It’s safe. Your child can play indoors and turn your living room into a putting green.

The benefits for children playing sports are enormous. With any sport, there’s the opportunity for your child to build their self-esteem and confidence which is so important for your child. In school, children who are involved with sports tend to perform better and are more focused. They learn time management skills and lead a more healthy, active lifestyle than their peers who are not playing sports.

Golf is a great game to introduce your kids to sports, especially if you are an avid golfer. Children learn by imitating their parents and chances are they will share the same enthusiasm for golf as you do. But even if you’re not a golfer, it’s never too late to start. Golf is a family game. It can provide an opportunity for you to really bond with your children.

If you want to start your kids off and they’re under 5. Plastic golf sets are a great idea. Start off with putting and keep it simple and easy. Let your child gain confidence with every put by starting only a few inches away, gradually making the puts more difficult as they improve.

For older children, many golf companies make miniature sets with the same technology they use for your clubs, just made small enough to suit your child. These sets are sold with suggested height measurements so pay more attention to those rather than the age.

If your child isn’t entirely sold on the game of golf, try renting a golf game for their Wii, PlayStation or whichever game console they use. This is a great way to introduce the rules and club selection to your child. This is also a good tip if it’s the middle of winter and your child is interested in playing. Why wait several months when they could get a feel for the game of golf through a gaming console?

No matter what age your child is, it’s important to remember that golf is a game. You shouldn’t be coaching your child. Putting pressure on your kids can turn them off golf for life. Relax and have fun. Start small by putting in your living room or setting up an area in your backyard to put and chip.

The Greatest Things About Obtaining An Indoor Putting Green

Golf players are aware that the true secret to improving their game is training. This does not just apply to the game of golf, but for all other games too.

Are you keeping an eye on the number of putts that you do in each sport you play? You surely would wish to reduce this amount down, don’t you? Hence your smartest choice is to own an indoor putting green at home so you would be able to practice putting and sooner or later lower the amount of putts.

Considering that a growing number of players are learning the value of using this kind of stuff at home, nowadays there are several varieties of home putting green obtainable in the market that everyone could obtain. Many of those are artificial ones, but they appear just like the real ones. But regardless of whether you want the fabricated version or the real one at home, please read on to learn how these things can help improve your skill.

Practice Keeping Your Head Down

One of several challenges that a number of golfers are facing when it comes to putting is on keeping their heads down. The easiest way to deal with this is to rehearse putting on your indoor putting greens at your home. If ever you attempt to lift your head up while putting, you do not have the reliability that you’ll need to be able to perform efficiently in the game, and for this reason, your ball can proceed to the incorrect direction.

Trains You To Keep an eye on Your Position

One more benefit of having this kind of material in your own home is that you could study your posture. Even though you declare that you do not have a lot of issue with regards to your position, it is still a must to practice this, particularly in terms of keeping track of your foot position.

Make sure that your feet are not even close to each other and should be in line with your shoulders. Furthermore, you must also make sure that your posture is well aligned with the golf ball, and if the indoor putting green that you own is long, consider placing your ball in various places and practice yourself to accomplish the perfect foot position.

Accessorize your Putting Greens

The great advantage of home putting greens is that you have the option to adorn it. You could opt to add a few obstructions to it so that you are going to have more difficulties when practicing. Just simply imagine your indoor putting green as a miniature golf course and picture yourself out in actuality while you’re playing. Attaching some accents to your personal putting green and using them as challenges could absolutely help you to practice well and also prepare yourself for the actual golf game.

So as you can observe, with the indoor putting green at home means that it is possible to train harder on keeping your head down and also practicing yourself on the perfect posture and as you understand, these are 2 important things that any golfer should be good at to be able to shine on their sport.

Women’s Golf Club Fitting

Women’s golf club fitting has been ignored by the manufactures for a long time by not offering many options. In just the past few years this has started to change. Do not get me wrong. Against the offerings for men, the manufactures are still lagging with product for women’s golf club fitting. However, this should not discourage the ladies as a properly fitted set of clubs will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun.

“Why do I need to be fitted for my set of clubs?” is a question that I get quite often from ladies. All golfers come in various shapes and sizes. A properly executed club fitting will match your body type and swing to your golf equipment. Why is this important? A set of properly fitted golf clubs will make the game much easier as you will not have the need to manipulate the club as much during the golf swing.

“Why not buy a club or set of irons that are already in the golf shop?” is another question I hear quite often. Typically, local golf shops and golf clubs are only stocked with the manufactures standards. The two main reasons for this are the cost of carrying that many sets of irons/drivers from all manufacturers and the manufacturers have become very good at quickly filling orders. Most companies can fill a custom order in just three days. Golf sales reps have stated that these “standards” fit only ten percent of golfers. Most golfers purchasing a set of irons measure into an upright lie angle. In addition, most golfers are measured into a longer or shorter golf shaft than the standard offering.

While administering a club fitting a PGA Professional will determine the following: the correct club for you, your swing speed with different clubs, the correct length of golf club for you, the correct lie angle for your irons, your skill level or handicap, how often you get to play as well as the proper grip size for your golf clubs.

The process of a golf club fitting can vary in length depending on if you are being club fit for irons only, a driver or a complete set. As you will need to hit several golf balls during the fitting, I would not suggest being club fit when you are tired.

“How do I find a qualified golf club fitter?” Below are the questions that you would need to have answered to find a qualified club fitter that will get you into the proper set of golf clubs:

Does the PGA Professional have a fitting cart or multiple fitting carts with what you are looking for (steel, graphite, right-handed, left-handed clubs) available?

Is the PGA professional certified by a major manufacturer to fit their clubs and how many club fittings does the PGA Professional do in a year ?

Will I be fit outdoors to see the entire ball flight? This is a must. Do not be fit indoors on a launch monitor. The launch monitors are not always correct and nothing beats seeing the results with your own eyes.

What will the session cost and if I purchase the clubs from you, will the cost of the club fitting be put towards the purchase will that be put towards my purchase?

Before the club fitting is finished, make sure that you understand how the PGA Professional came to the final specs for your golf clubs. Knowing how the club fitter came to the specs for your golf clubs, you will be even more confident in your new purchase. Having a properly fitted set of woods and irons will make it easier for you to make a better golf swing and lower your scores.