Should You Invest in a Golf Franchise?

When starting a new business, it’s best to invest in something you love. If you’re a golfer who would rather be on the course hitting irons than anything else, there’s a strong possibility a Golf Franchise is the way to go. You also need to be willing to invest your time in running the business. Ask yourself the following questions before making a commitment:

1. Are you interested in the latest Golf Technology? There is no investment opportunity in equipment such as clubs, balls, and shafts, or in clothing, as they are all dominated by the major manufacturers – unless you buy stock. There is however an enormous investment opportunity in computerized golf swing analysis, fitness evaluation and training, as well as in golf simulators. You just need to be interested in technology.

2. Do you have the funds to invest in a Franchise? If not, does the franchiser facilitate financing?

3. Will the Franchiser provide you with the know-how? Will they teach you how to effectively perform for example a Golf Swing Analysis and provide feedback and recommendations to your clients? Will they teach you how to effectively market your full range of Golf Assessment and Training services to golfers in your area?

Franchising is a way to mitigate the risk of starting a new venture, because you’re investing in a business that has proven to be successful and you’re provided with all the know-how. Most start-ups make mistakes in the beginning which can cost them a lot of money and from which they eventually learn. Some are able to turn their businesses around. Someone who chooses the franchise route gets an express pass through the initial precarious years of starting a business and can see profitability much earlier. Usually franchisers have figured out the success model and are able to directly provide it to the franchisee, so there’s no experimenting with different marketing tactics to see which one works.

At the same time you need to know that the success of any business venture will require effort from your end; you won’t be spoon fed success. It’ll be your responsibility to implement the business model and recommendations provided by the franchiser and to put in the effort, especially in the beginning.

If you love golf and agree that golf technology is the way to go, then I recommend that you invest in a state-of-the-art Golf Center. Usually this will include a High Definition Simulator, Golf Swing Analysis technology that records and analyzes every motion a golfer makes as well as Golf Club Fitting and Golf Putting Analysis technology. Having an indoor simulator allows golfers to play year-round regardless of weather conditions, as well as at night; the golf technology, allows them to assess their performance and improve their game.

If you’re passionate about golf, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are willing to put in the effort, then a golf franchise is the way to go.

Fun Activities For Toddlers to Enjoy Indoors

Fun Activities for toddlers on those rainy days can be easier than you think. You have to come up with some fun indoor activities. Use these on rainy days, and even when Winter comes around. It is amazing how as parents we can get creative right along with our toddlers.

Keep the Craft Bag stocked and ready. Crafts are great, but remember that you should always try and create different and new activities also. There may be just a short little rain storm and you don’t want to make crafts.

So here are some of my family’s fun activities for toddlers that I hope you will Enjoy!!!

Indoor Treasure Hunt Game

Materials Needed:

  • Small toys or snacks
  • Treasure map. you can make up an easy one out of paper. (optional)


  1. Have an indoor treasure hunt by hiding several small toys, books, or special snacks around the house.
  2. Give your child clues or draw a map that leads to the treasure.

Paper Golf

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper or newspaper
  • Tape
  • Golf or tennis balls
  • Styrofoam cups or plastic cups


  1. Make golf clubs for each player by rolling up several sheets of newspaper or (you may use construction paper) and taping them securely.
  2. Put the Styrofoam cups in different areas of the house that will serve as the “holes”.
  3. Use your golf club to try to roll the ball to the hole.

Bake Cookies

One of the best fun activities for toddlers is baking cookies. My toddler loves to help me bake cookies. Of course it can be more of a mess but who cares. They will be learning and having fun at the same time.

Indoor Camping

We all know this one. It was so much fun growing up and making a tent out of blankets and chairs. However now, you can buy those indoor pop tents for the kids that fit right in your living room. These are nice! The old fashioned way all you’ll need is a couple of chairs and a blanket. My toddler will play for hours like this. Make a “pretend campfire”. Shut off the televisions. Fun activities for toddlers can take place in their imaginations. Allow them to come up with great ideas on their own. Buy a sound machine or an outdoor sounds CD to make it more realistic!!! The great part moms and dads is there are no mosquitoes or bugs. YEAH!! So bring out the sleeping bags and have FUN!

Hide and Seek

Any size of house is great to play this fun game. Every child loves a game of hide and seek. Especially toddlers!!! Couches and closets make the best hiding spots. Whether you have a big house or small house this game can be played everywhere.

There are just a few fun activities for toddlers that my family and I enjoy. Even though it rains, the kids can still have fun. I enjoy spending time with my toddler. I choose to live by this motto: “Enjoy your children and spend lots of time with them, before you know it they will be teenagers.”

Golf Fitness – How Effective Are Golf Specific Stretching Routines?

With the weather turning colder as winter sets in many of us will have limited golfing opportunities. In the coldest climates courses close and as for the rest of the country, well you have to be especially dedicated to play in the cold conditions. Just because we can’t get to the course or the range doesn’t mean we have to forget about golf or our efforts to improve our game. We should take this time to work on improving our swing, putting stroke and our bodies.

The most overlooked item from the list above is our bodies. The more physically fit we are the better it is for our golf game. Strength, stamina, flexibility and mental toughness are all important benefits gained from becoming more physically fit. Now no one said this was the most fun aspect of golf or that we needed to go to Tiger like extremes. Applying yourself to a routine of golf oriented stretches will yield a noticeable benefit by the time warmer weather returns to your area.

The key with any stretching program is consistency. Choose a routine that you can and will utilize daily. Even a little time invested daily will be of great value to your goal. We all want a consistent golf swing. It is something we yearn for every time we hit an errant shot, but here is the cold hard fact, the truth that many don’t want to hear. The reason we are inconsistent on the course is because our bodies are unable to execute our golf swing 80 to 100+ times a round. Late in the round we are just not up to the task, but that does not have to be the case.

Just the least amount of golf oriented stretching will make a noticeable difference to your shot making. You will see more successful shots per round, improved scoring and lower handicap just a few weeks into your stretching program. Let me emphasize this again. If you will be consistent with a golf oriented stretching program your swing will become more consistent. And that folks is just what we are all seeking as we work to improve our golf swings.

I saw all this happen first hand when my golfing partner and friend began his program late last fall. He had noticed the signs of late round fatigue and decided to do something about it. He said it was about time he did something for his health anyway and if it would help his golf swing, well, all the better.

My golfing buddy found help with an eBook from a well known golf fitness expert he found online. He began working on a few stretches and stayed with it all winter long. As time went by he started playing better and feeling stronger in the later stages of the round. He attributes his 10 minute morning stretches to his improved performance on the course. He says he can feel improved strength in his legs and abdominal muscles. All key elements to producing a sound golf swing.

Why not try a stretching program of your own? Wouldn’t you benefit from a stronger more flexible body? Would more stamina at the end of a round help you score better? Burning a few extra calories each day would be a good thing for most of us too. Add in some off-season swing instruction and indoor putting practice and your winter time golf improvement program will be all set.